Libre:Match Update has gone down and with it a data source for many community projects. We are continuing our effort and ask you for your participation, namely giving us insight to your requirements.

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Libre:Match Team

Hello everyone

after a somewhat quieter summer “break”, the last few days have seen more work on the API design again.

Current development

Of course also due to the circumstances that has been down for some time - which has made the importance and urgency of this undertaking here a bit more clear. And also because we have not received any feedback from the franchise until today. This leaves us with the assumption that there is no interest in Libre:Match. Unfortunately, there is currently no fallback solution to

Let us know your requirements

We would therefore like to point out again that you can present your use cases in the forum, which we will take into account when designing the Libre:Match API. You can find it under this link in the Discord.

Let us know what you need to realise your ideas as easily as possible.

Solidary greetings,

The Libre:Match Team